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eCommerce Intelligence Built for brands selling in China.

Gain an exceptional understanding of your business performance and your customers from one central platform

Automate your alerts and reports with integrated machine learning modules
Customize metrics and develop algorithms to suit your business needs.
Automate your alerts and reports with integrated machine learning modules
Customize metrics and develop algorithms to suit your business needs.

About Us

Digate is a B2B eCommerce digital intelligence solution that helps International eCommerce brands grow their revenue in China with innovative solutions and data.  We aim at providing your brand a competitive edge by easily tracking and optimizing your business performance across multiple channels. We help to simplify decision-making with a powerful and easy-to-use data-driven platform that enables you to grow.

 “Analyze every aspect of your operation in a matter of seconds, get immediate, cross-channel insights, and stay ahead with live market trends. Digate visual reports make it easy to spot hidden performance patterns while functioning as a powerful analytics and automation package. Reduce much of your business guesswork and manual labor, and build faster and better strategies based on data.”

[Hanan Yariv. Digate Head of Product]

Our History

Digate founders have over twenty years of experience working at China’s digital-media and eCommerce ecosystem. Been brand owners, as well as trading partners & service providers for major international brands, have taught us about the real-needs of international brands operating in China.
Digate forms a team of eCommerce, information technology, business, and logistics experts, to create a much needed, comprehensive eCommerce solution for international brands operating in China.
Digate onboards artificial intelligence, data scientist and machine learning experts to develop our proprietary modules and to enable advanced segmentation, social listening, and forecasting modules.
Digate solved the multi-channel-management problem with a fully integrated platform collecting data from over 30+ sources, including all leading platforms and marketplaces across China’s ecosystem, allowing companies to simplify operations and revenue while gaining confidence about future business strategies.

The China Challenge


International brands operating in the Chinese market face many challenges such as language barriers, lack of verified data, disorganized e-commerce structure, and more. The lack of quality, data-driven solution that caters to international brands in China is why we decided to take on the challenge and build the type of solution we know is needed

How We Do It


We use our decades of combined domain expertise, proprietary modules, big-data and AI technologies to consolidate your data and generate insightful performance reports.

We collect data from all major Chinese marketplaces, social platforms, and logistics centers by applying data mining, information retrieval, graph analysis, machine learning modules, and other proprietary algorithms.

We provide a way to easily visualize your business performance, track your customer’s journey, and optimize your strategies to maximize your revenue potential while creating actionable metrics and business insights.

Meet Our Team


Pioneering Data Accessibility for International Brands in China

Shlomi Mahfouda

Co-founder CEO

Shlomi is a visionary, a leader, a go-getter. He’s the decisive and strategic brain behind the project. He’s the head project manager, ensuring that we’re serving and helping our clients to the best of our abilities. Shlomi has been living in China for seven years and speaks fluent Chinese.

Dean Deng

Co-founder CTO

Dean ensures that the company has all the technological resources it needs, both short-term and long-term. His consumer-focused outlook and solid reliability in delivering the best IT projects makes him a tremendous asset to the company.

Sophie Pu


Sophie takes care of all managerial, operational, and administrative processes that maintain and foster the company’s growth. She oversees the operations exceptionally, and she’s a significant part of our top management team.

Hanan Yariv

Co-founder CPO

Hanan drives and aligns the product development with our business goals. He ensures the product’s success and works with technical teams closely to advance the company’s products and bottom line. Hanan has been living in China for nine years and holds a strong business and information technology background .

If you are selling products online in China, we’ll give you the tools and insights to make
better business decisions based on real market data.

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