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Efficient Overseas E-commerce Expansion through ERP Integration


• Focus on an overseas-listed company entering the Chinese market via Tmall and Tmall International.

• Challenges: Financial data audit requirements, integrating cross-platform sales data into ERP, manual data processing inefficiencies.

• Digate provides digital transformation solutions to tackle these challenges.


• Dispersed Sales Data: Data scattered across platforms and regions, making ERP integration difficult.

• Manual Data Processing: Time-consuming manual processing leads to inefficiencies.

• High Data Accuracy Demand: Accurate financial reporting is crucial for a listed company.

Digate Solutions

• Online Sales Platform Integration: Real-time data capture from Tmall International and Tmall flagship stores.

• Offline Distribution Network Integration: Integration with domestic OMS platforms for consolidating distribution network data.

• ERP Data Integration: Integrating online and offline data with ERP for real-time monitoring and order status push.

Results and Achievements

• Centralized Data Management: Seamless sales data integration into ERP for unified management.

• Increased Efficiency: Automation reduces manual workload, saving human resources.

• Enhanced Financial Accuracy: Real-time, accurate financial data meeting strict audit requirements.

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