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Maximizing E-Commerce Success with BrandIQ: Insights, Optimization, and Growth


A European family-owned company has been operating in the Chinese e-commerce market for five years and has since been driving D2C sales on four e-commerce platforms and is present on five social media platforms.


Having this presence, the company has faced challenges in consolidating and unifying data from all its channels. This has led to occasional out-of-stock issues for key products, resulting in high logistics costs. Furthermore, despite initial growth, the company’s Return on Investment (ROI) from marketing activities has stagnated.


The company faced a challenge in overcoming this bottleneck period and needed a solution to enhance its data consolidation and improve its ROI.

Using BrandIQ

BrandIQ plays a crucial role in the company’s success by enabling the integration of data from all channels. This provides the company with valuable cross-channel insights, allowing it to make informed decisions and improve its overall performance.


With the help of BrandIQ, the company is able to identify high and low yielding products, which is critical for effective stock planning. BrandIQ also facilitates the optimization of stock planning through demand forecasting and intelligent alerts. This allows the company to always have the right products in stock, reducing the risk of overstocking or stock shortages.


In addition, BrandIQ provides the company with valuable insights into key opinion leader (KOL) data, allowing it to improve its marketing strategy. This helps the company to better understand the preferences and opinions of key influencers, which is crucial for developing effective campaigns. Meanwhile it enables the identification of high and low-value audience segments, which is critical for creating targeted strategies. This helps the company to better allocate its resources and ensure that its campaigns are delivering maximum value.


Finally, BrandIQ provides the company with sales tracking, allowing it to adjust its pricing to increase revenue. This helps the company to maintain its profitability while remaining competitive in the market. Through these strategies, BrandIQ helps the company to maximize its return on investment and ensure its continued success

After One Year

With the help of BrandIQ, the company saw a reduction in the time spent on reporting and data gathering, freeing up resources for other areas of the business. Additionally, the customer retention rate increased by 50%, reflecting the company’s improved ability to engage with its customers.


BrandIQ also helped the company eliminate out-of-stock situations and reduce logistics costs by 30%. This was achieved through the optimization of stock planning and demand forecasting. The company also saw a 30% improvement in return on advertising spending due to optimized marketing strategies.


Finally, the company experienced a 60% year-over-year increase in sales and improved brand performance. This was a testament to the impact that BrandIQ had on the company, enabling it to understand its customers better and improve its overall performance.


Decrease in Marketing Expenses


Increase in AOV


Increase in LTV

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