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Unlocking Market Potential with LandscapeIQ: Comprehensive Analysis, Better Strategies, and Increased Profits


A UK-based company with a well-established health product line is in a pre-market entry status and looking to find the right mix of products. However, the company faces challenges, including a need for knowledge about the competition, industry, and prices.


This presents a significant obstacle for a company to enter new markets successfully. Additionally, the company has some local distributors with a saturated pricing scheme, which may impact their ability to compete effectively. This highlights the need for the company to understand the industry better and identify opportunities to differentiate its products and pricing strategy.

Using LandscapeIQ

LandscapeIQ provides a comprehensive solution for companies seeking a deeper understanding of their market and competition. The company can comprehensively view the market and its direct competition with LandscapeIQ’s advanced analytics and market research capabilities.


LandscapeIQ also allows brands to evaluate their competitors, determine average category pricing, and benchmark their performance against industry keywords. This provides valuable insights into the competitive landscape and helps the company identify trends and uncover new opportunities within its category.


In addition to its market research capabilities, LandscapeIQ helps this company analyze its brand’s position and control distributor pricing. This enables them to make informed decisions about their pricing strategy and to maintain control over their brand’s reputation and market positioning.

After One Year

The company has seen significant improvements in its pricing strategies, resulting in a 10% increase in profit margins. LandscapeIQ helped the company improve its conversion rate and decrease its customer acquisition cost, which has contributed to the overall growth of the business.

The company has also launched new products, leading to a 30% increase in incremental sales. One of the newly launched products was even recommended by LandscapeIQ and achieved 3rd place under its category during the highly competitive Double 11 promotion.


LandscapeIQ has also boosted the company’s B2B sales and established better pricing control methods. This allowed the company to maintain a strong and competitive market presence and continue growing.


Overall, LandscapeIQ has been a valuable asset to the company, helping it to make informed decisions and improve its overall performance. The company has seen significant improvements in its pricing strategies, product mix, and market presence, and it continues to thrive thanks to the insights and recommendations provided by LandscapeIQ.


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