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e-commerce business intelligence Built for brands selling in China.

Gain an exceptional understanding of your brand analysis in china from one central platform

Better understand your customers, who they are, and how they behave.

eCommerce Intelligence Built for brands selling in China.

Gain an exceptional understanding of your business performance and your customers from one central platform

Better understand your customers, who they are, and how they behave.


BrandIQ furnishes brands with an all-encompassing perspective on their brand analysis in china across multiple channels through the integration of diverse data sources, including customer insights, sales data, promotional information, and key opinion leaders. Digate’s 360° methodology empowers brands with a superior comprehension of their brand performance, enabling data driven decision making to enhance their digital marketing strategies.

Performance Insights


Cross-Channel Performance Insights

Gain valuable insights into your brand’s performance across multiple Chinese platforms. Overcome the challenge of gathering data from various platforms such as Tmall, JD, and Taobao by consolidating and unifying it into one easy-to-use dashboard.
Track and analyze key performance metrics, including sales, customer engagement, and brand awareness, to make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies with our powerful e-commerce business intelligence platform.


Sales Data

Leverage brandIQ’s Sales Data feature to access and analyze sales data from multiple Chinese platforms. Consolidate your sales data from platforms like Tmall, JD, and Taobao into one unified view, eliminating the hassle of manually gathering data from different sources.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive revenue growth.

brand analytics in china


Marketing Performance

Track and optimize your KOL marketing in china across multiple  platforms.
Unite data from platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin, and gain insights into your marketing campaigns’ performance.
Measure key metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversion to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and optimize for better results.


KOL Data

Harness the power of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing in china brandIQ’s KOL Data feature.
Access data and insights on KOLs across various Chinese platforms, including their follower count, engagement rates, and audience demographics.
Identify the most suitable KOLs for your brand, measure their impact, and optimize their influencer marketing campaigns.

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Intelligent Alerts

Stay informed and never miss critical updates. Receive real-time notifications and alerts on critical events and anomalies in your data. Be alerted to out-of-stock situations, sudden changes in customer behavior, or any other essential insights that require your attention.

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Inventory Analysis

Optimize your inventory management.
Consolidate inventory data from different platforms and gain insights into stock levels, product performance, and demand forecasts. Make data-driven decisions to prevent out-of-stock situations, improve inventory planning, and maximize sales opportunities.

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Customer Analytics Segmentation

Understand and segment your customer base. Consolidate customer data from multiple platforms and gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics. Identify high-value customer segments, personalize your marketing efforts, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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